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"A magical Star Lorde approached me with a domain name and I'm running with it. This is my take on my environment. Highly opinionated, I explore the many different genre's of culture as I know it. 

An educated, privileged, middle-thirties, female are all the qualifications I need to become a Blogger. Business Major, Project Manager, Beauty Consultant, Stylist, and Artist - Watch as I continue to make it in this world doing my best to survive. 

There's nothing you can't learn how to do. To do it well is a whole other skill." 

The above quote and the photo were posted back in August of 2020 before I started reading the Bible in October starting with a study of the book of Daniel. A friend of mine named Adam gifted me the domain fashionstupid and although there was a great memory behind the title, I've since changed the domain in the summer of 21' to Not YOUR perfect Christian since God led me out of the dark pandemic hole and into the rabbit hole well LIT!


There are hidden eggs all throughout the Scriptures to unlock the key to our evolvement. I'm excited everyday to learn more about our creation, our world, our history, and the Blessings to come! 


I believe God is answering our long awaited prayers and showering us with his love and wisdom daily, we just lack on how to recognize it. Ride along with my short stories to SEE he works and LISTEN to some of the many ways he communicates to find your hidden EGGS for your growth and purpose!


It starts with one, it starts with you... 

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