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Water Ripple

  Participate for Change 

Newton's Third Law : Action = Reaction 

In order for change to occur, it starts with the willingness to ACT first. Participate in making the World a better place simply by making the first step and clicking on the Mission you'd like to Support Now - Thank you!


Redwood Empire Food Bank

Get Involved today assisting in feeding the county by simply Creating a Volunteer Account, click the Sign Up Button for Warehouse, Distribution, or

Apple Core shifts,

Show up and



Mama Bear Foundation

This non-profit organization requests donations or support for our locals battling Cancer. Making a meal, sitting with someone, helping with the day to day chores, or making a get-well card - bring a smile to someone's face with your CARE to LOVE


Redwood Gospel Mission

You can Donate to the website, Collect items for seasonal Drives, or deliver Donations at one of their Drop Off locations. Go to the Volunteer tab and submit an Application to support any one of their Missions for





We are grateful for your COURAGE to step outside the comfort zone to make an impact today for our community. Your ACTION to CARE is creating a REACTION for LOVE where it's needed the most. The ripple effect for your CHOICE can be felt by those far out of reach. 


Change starts with ONE. Thank you for being that ONE!



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