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Comedy Karen

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Event Date + Written on 8/27/21

I was treated to a night out with an “oldie”, but goodie to attend a comedy show at a local brewery. Mind you, I’ve been secluded for the most part of the last five weeks diving into the word of God, hearing my God-given name, praising him daily, and for a lack of a better description - training to be a better human.

I met my childhood friend and college roommate… as well as adulthood roommate for Millennials know all too well living in this unsustainable world. She’s pregnant. Thank you Jesus, I can order water without judgement! We arrive early and order food and get settled at our table. I’m nervous for some reason. The last outing went oh, so well. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…

There were about six comedians that rotated the mic and why is this uncomfortable? You see something happens when you spend ample time getting to know God, not just Jesus, the LORD God. The Old Testament (the Old Contract) is all about how the world was intended to be. Utopia. Simple. Intentional. By design. An introduction to the creator - how he thinks, how he tests, faith, love, justice, wisdom, and integrity. Meet the Morals.

The swearing is what struck me first, annoying. Next, the constant slander of his name. Almost like it pained me every time they used it to sell their ill conceived joke. I’m not criticizing, I slandered a whole lot in my run before I knew who was up there. Then the pandemic jokes, nice. Then let's make jokes about porn because the youth isn’t subjected to enough. Then I realized, I’m Karen in a Comedy Club.

I haven’t lost all my humor - a lot of jokes were funny, knee slappers even. However, the old me would have chugged at least three drinks by now, cursing like a sailor, flirting with anyone, and clapped-laughed at each joke. Not this time. Is this why Christians get the “judgy” title because we have utter pain painted on our face when we realize how far we’ve really fallen? Yep!

People of the world, it's not personal! It’s a newly found heartache for the Christian, not you. The lesbian with the bomb hair was my favorite, she was the most comfortable with herself and her act. I’d pay to see her again. Sweet, nice, comfortable in her skin, and engaged with the crowd. Nothing forced, hit every punch, and made me laugh the hardest. The host was on point with relevance, the others were loud and somewhat funny.

My point is, at the time you learn from which we came from and then step into this present modern Now - It’s a time warp. Time has changed so drastically from our beginning to the present that when you finally see it, it’s utterly heartbreaking. I’m not speaking about the beginning of time, those stories paint a similar culture of loose morals, I’m speaking of how far I’ve personally fallen with all my missteps.

We laugh about divorce, addictions, loud about being promiscuous, and penis jokes. Always “small” jokes. It’s no secret I’m not a virgin so I think I speak for a magnitude of people when I say, there’s nothing funny about “small” jokes.

Where did the Morals go? What happened to safe childhoods? What happened to longevity within a marriage? What happened to security?! We’re any of those things real in the first place? You see, I was blessed to grow up in a Christian household so I know of safety, longevity, and security and still had times where I experienced the opposite. Why?

To be clear, I’m not judging the comedians, I’m wondering what happened to say this is our humor now? Progressivism? Challenge that. It becomes obvious to every born again Christian the pain rooted within each of us, in this case, within each joke. I can only speak for myself, but it wasn’t judgement, it was sadness. It’s not the original design. It’s a longing for the Utopia. I want to hug God and say, “I’m sorry!”. No wonder he’s scarred. No wonder we’re all scarred! Couple thousand years, countless wars, a crucifixion, and bam! IPA on tap, sedated to the end.

Again, to be clear, we are all God’s creation. Even if you don’t believe it - it’s true. The whole point of this blog is to help you see that because I’m dumbfounded by the evidence that is everywhere, not just suggesting it, but screaming reality that it is in fact - TRUTH. The harsh realization that others don’t SEE it, that I didn’t SEE it for thirty-five years is the cunningness of the world. Each one of those comedians and everyone that attended the show was molded and made for a purpose, for a reason, make no mistake YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

Here’s the practice Christian, Jesus hung out in very similar dens getting to know the people. He loves them just as much as he loves you. Don’t close your doors, don’t judge the old, don’t over plant the seed. Find BALANCE and STRENGTH because when returning to the life you left behind to maintain whatever was considered “Normal” before, is a PAIN. Stay focused and continue to LOVE beyond your capability and TRUST God beyond your own understanding. It’s not their fault they don’t know yet, the same as it wasn’t your fault for taking this long to know him too.

Karen, I love you.


Photo: I took the selfie before I left the house, I went into the night apprehensive to begin with. Deep Breaths, Forgiveness, and Don't Give Up!

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Christopher Castillo
Christopher Castillo
06 févr. 2023

are you ready to get some coffee? Do you know what it says in the bibile about entertaining strangers?

Audrey Lynn
Audrey Lynn
27 févr. 2023
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