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Here’s a Wild Idea...

Written on 9/13/21

I’m walking very close to Yeshua at this time in my life and I’m seeing the same theme over and over and over again. Before I get into the basics of this wild thought that keeps occurring through every chapter and devotion, let me break down my walk as a Christian in a short summary:

Born into Christian home, not perfect, but pretty darn blessed. Went to church a whole bunch until I was 18 and then given the choice, I rarely looked back. I have many fond memories of the church I grew up in, youth groups, camps, made great friendships and some lasted and some didn’t. As an adult, I attended two of the two most infamous holidays. So I “know” Jesus, but some things were also done and said throughout the youth experience that had me question God’s existence. I believed in God, I feel I didn’t believe that anyone else believed in him with me which then in turn made me doubt his existence as I got older and yet, I never stopped talking to him even after I left the church. At 34, he finally spoke back to me. “Everyone, choose the present.”

Reading the Bible for the first time with fresh eyes and with fervor, I am getting a really interesting take on the intent of which it was written. Clearly, we can see from my previous blogs that I have a passion, an elated joy, an obsession with his word dominantly for the front of the books. I’m going to break down some verses as to why this so-called life experience is about choices and why I’m not alone in this wilderness of thought.

Things I’ve learned during this journey:

-Words have Meaning: In the sense that a thought doesn’t exist in the world until it is spoken out or written down. If a tree falls and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? We have thoughts all the time, but if we don’t exercise it into existence – who is to say we had the thought?

-Warnings of False Prophets are mentioned throughout the Old and the New: To tell the difference between a false prophet and a prophet I think it’s based on what their focus is on. Fear, zeal, pressure, condemnation, prosecution, pride all come from the false prophet. Casual hope, faith, joy, love, truth, honor, privacy, and forgiveness come from the prophet.

To understand these two absolutes for me, I read Genesis like water, it’s so good to take a gulp! In Genesis, the book explains how this world is made. Each story was intentionally put there to show us all the Easter eggs to OUR existence. I’ll be showing what my eggs were throughout each chapter on how I apply the stories to my life. For the second absolute, I focus on the Gospels for how Jesus taught and how he taught his disciples to teach and why those techniques were the focus of the front of the books.

In the very first verses of Genesis, we see the LORD God split time into the heavens and the earth. We see him split himself from God to now God and Spirit, read the Power of Love. Then he splits day from night, then splits water from sky, then splits land from water, then splits vegetation from land, then splits seeds from the vegetation, then splits the seasons from the seeds like the harvest, then splits the sun and the moon from the seasons, then splits stars from the great lights, and I mean it goes on again and again like metamorphosis. The creatures split from the water in the ocean, the creatures split from the land on the earth, then using both water and earth created man in his image. That’s a whole lot of splicing.

Are we seeing the theme? God explained this process of how he made this world by explaining that there are two sides to every story. Two. Split, split, split, kind of like Christ and the Anti-Christ. Which one are we going to focus on? The front of the book or the back of the book? The front of the Old is the ‘how to’ and the back of the Old are the ‘prophecies’. The front of the New is the ‘how to’ and the back of the New is the ‘end times’ literally.

Here’s the wild thought…our path depends on which one we focus on. I’ve been focusing on the doom and gloom since a child because the way of the world told me at first breath, ‘this planet is ruined for you and God’s return is on your heels.’ So naturally, when I left the church, down the downward spiral I went into the rabbit hole filled with other people's problems, conspiracies, corruption, and just overall sadness. My fears manifested themselves into my reality. If you don’t believe that fears can do that, then why not? Stress manifests. Joy manifests. Soooo…..???

The moment I was called, “Everyone” and then a month later “Choose the present.”, I started focusing on how this world really works to hold myself accountable and then I started focusing on the Gospels on how to show the example of a better life and then it hit me…

No one really knows anything, not even the day of his return because his return is entirely up to us. Boom. Easter Egg. I know there are many, many prophets that say the end times are here and they write their books of their signs and say it’s Truth, but through my experience I can’t always say my signs are truth, but I can say they’re tests. Then this thought came to me:

Know when Yeshua is leading you and when the obstacle has been laid before you. Do you know when to slack (cease and desist) or do you know when to hurdle (jump, react). Know which is best for the test.”

The Bible is designed, books left out and all, for a reason. Ultimately, YHWH is in control so I like to think he left out hundreds of books written by prophets because he didn’t want us to overanalyze the message, like Enoch. Could anyone imagine having to go to Sunday school with all those extra books to process? I would’ve left way earlier before 18! So the book is designed to help us find our path and the bridge to eternity so we can help a hand to someone who is missing their path and the bridge to everlasting life.

Pretty simple, right?

The concept “born again Christian” is because as we start this journey, he shows us our heart. The demons are the influence we’ve allowed into our life whether it was a movie we saw or a poor choice we needed to rectify. He tests our wisdom, what to say and what not to say, again because words have meaning. And he gives us all the warning signs of false evidence appearing real, danger, our own demise. Without knowing how to read the bible, I was spreading my curse, my false visions, my signs of the times, rumors about conspiracies, and downright chaos. I was feeding the wolf over the lamb as a choice. I was a dramatic baby Christian. Photo Taken: 2/15/21 @ 9:47am "Atlantis"

What he also shows us as we uncover how to communicate with him, are our blessings. Same rules apply as to what to say and what to protect. Signs, tests, and more importantly obedience. Can we obey him so he can assist in our growth, like grooming us to be a bride? Let me tell you just enough without losing my focus or concentration, I choose my carrot, I choose my baby carrots, I choose joy every day of the week. I’m focusing on the front of the house and not the back, that’s why our eyes are facing forward. I’m focusing on Genesis, Ruth, Proverbs, Psalms, Mathew, Mark, Luke, – even the dude from the show “The Family” only focused on the Gospels and no one knew about him until the end of his life.

Was he following “the” example or was he a false prophet?

Is someone overzealous and writing books of constellations because they saw signs of the times listening to the instruction or are they spreading false hope, pressure, and gaining some pride in the campaign? Are we bringing the end too soon because I want my carrots! Think about it, one of the reasons Yeshua was persecuted was because despite how many times he told them not to let it be known, they went and told everyone anyway. Example Mark 3:12. However Proverbs is weaved with warnings about running your mouth. That play was written for a reason. Pay attention.

Revelations and the King’s Return is entirely up to us and the willingness to hold ourselves accountable for our actions and make a difference in this world. That’s why not even the angels know when he is going to return. The Anti-Christ shows signs of the times in every generation because here’s a wild idea…

It’s a test! “People without discernment are doomed.” Hosea 4:14 Can we discern which Christ is leading us and which choice is best for our path? Don’t spend too much time in the past and don’t live in the future. We’re missing the present time of our life and the wonder of which it is. Give us this day our daily bread. Man, does it ever taste good.

Find the Easter Egg to your purpose and tread lightly my friends! Helpful Hint:

“Everyone, Choose the Present!”

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