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numéro deux pt. deux

Written on 9/21/21… on a Tuesday

Here’s the second mystical message in this Numbers Series of the military camps located in the 2nd chapter. My friends, I hope you’re enjoying the walk through the chapter as much as I am, it’s so cool! Who knew the Torah was filled with so many sweet love notes from our Creator? I’m eager to find out more as we journey together.

Numbers 2:10-16 reads,

“10 Reuben’s military divisions will camp on the south side under their banner. The leader of the Reubenites is Elizur son of Shedeur. 11 His military division numbers 46,500. 12 The tribe of Simeon will camp next to it. The leader of the Simeonites is Shelumiel son of Zurishaddai. 13 His military division numbers 59,300. 14 The tribe of Gad will be next. The leader of the Gadites is Eliasaph son of Deuel. 15 His military division numbers 45,650. 16 The total number in their military divisions who belong to Reuben’s encampment is 151,450; they will move out second.”

Reuben = Behold a Son

Elizur = Rock of God

Shedeur = Field of Light

Simeon = To Hear; To be Heard

Shelumiel = God is My Peace

Zurishaddai = God is My Strength; My Rock

Gad = Fortune; Luck

Eliasaph = The Lord Increases

Deuel / Reuel = The Knowledge of God / Friend of God

Altogether now: ‘Behold a Son, a Rock of God, a Field of Light to be Heard that God is My Peace, God is my Strength, my Rock! Fortune, luck has it the Lord Increases the Knowledge of God, FRIENDSHIP.’

The pages:

  • Page 465 lands 2 Samuel 8 - VICTORY

  • Page 593 lands on a blank page in my Bible. I think this is a test, I won’t let this discourage me from knowing our Lord. I also have the New American Standard Bible which places the page on 2 Kings 23:4-20 - REFORM

Like he was setting me up for success, just came to my next hurdle.

  • Page 456 is a commentary page in She Reads Truth CSB, titled ‘Everything is Under Control’. I needed to hear that since I’ve been so lost during this pandemic and the political division that is relentless nowadays. Enough, He is in Control. Going back to the New American Standard which was a loan from my grandmother, whose name means Peace, it lands on 1 Samuel 29:5 since the numbers in Numbers was 456-5. This is so interesting to me having studied the Life of David earlier this year in February.

What did I just say?!

Guys, I am journaling this as it’s happening in the present moment and this is so EXCITING! Thank you Beth Moore for the win on this. I found my study guide, ‘David: Seeking a Heart Like His’, and turned to Week 4, Day 3 where it covers the chapter we’re investigating right now in 1 Samuel. The photo is showing you the blank page since earlier this year I found out I was losing my business to Covid so I was absent-minded during a lot of this study. Funny, like he knew I wanted this ‘Ah-hah!’ moment right now.

Go to the Resource Tab and check Beth Moore out, she’s Godsend!

What did I just say about political division, enough is enough, and peace? Beth writes three bullet points as to why David’s men were bitter towards him after the Amalekites raided Ziklag. Ok, here are the points:

  1. “Hurting People often find someone to Blame.” I mean, don’t we though? The pain is too great so we automatically set the default setting to point fingers to alleviate the emotional roller coaster.

  2. “Nothing Hurts more than our children in Jeopardy.” How many parents retaliate on behalf of their children? I’m reminded of my niece who is getting inappropriate punishment for bullying that never actually happened. Her confusion and anger break my heart, but am I going to storm down there and demand I speak to the Mom? No, that would be inappropriate as her Aunt and she has to learn how to navigate irrationality so it doesn’t consume her as a way of this world. She knows the truth, she knows what’s right, and she’s gaining wisdom and strength through her experience. I’m so proud of her!

  3. “Nothing Helps more than finding STRENGTH in our God.” Amen sister! When the chips are down, who do we turn to? I always turned to my family and then would treat them with disdain when they provided answers that didn’t suit me. Real Nice. This goes back to finding the one word to describe what egg he’s trying to communicate to me - STRENGTH.

For the last page… wow, there’s going to be a blog on each camp isn’t there Jesus? A whole new meaning to ‘Going Up on a Tuesday’! Ok last page…

  • Another commentary titled, ‘Let Justice Flow’. I mean I can’t make this stuff up, of course he has a theme. I’ll turn to the other Bible for a specific passage. Page 1514-5 lands on Mark 5 - What?! I read this on 9/12/21 and it’s the account of Demons driven out by Jesus, a Girl Restored and a Woman Healed.

You have got to be kidding me. Are you seeing this? You are witnessing him literally lead me to another growth spurt… Lucy, ScarJo, I feel it! Let’s keep going.

Numéro Pt Trois to be continued…


Moore, Beth. David, Seeking a Heart Like His.

Nashville, TN, Lifeway Press 2010

Photos Taken on 9/21/21

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