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numéro deux pt. quatre

Written on 9/22/21

Welcome fall colors, pumpkin spice lattes, cinnamon sticks, and boots! Let the season officially begin and I have to say, it’s my favorite season. Something about the air just makes me want to snuggle and hold my loved ones in our onesie pajamas while we watch Hallmark movies. I’m hoping this last camp message has something warm and fuzzy for us to snuggle up into. Let’s dig in!

Numbers 2:25-31,

“25 Dan’s military divisions will camp on the north side under their banner. The leader of the Danites is Ahiezer son of Ammishaddai. 26 His military division numbers 62,700. 27 The tribe of Asher will camp next to it. The leader of the Asherites is Pagiel son of Ochran. 28 His military division numbers 41,500. 29 The tribe of Naphtali will be next. The leader of the Naphtalites is Ahira son of Enan. 30 His military division numbers 53,400. 31 The total number who belong to Dan’s encampment is 157,600; they are to move out last, with their banners.”

Dan = God is my Judge

Ahiezer = Brother of Assistance, Help

Ammishaddai = People of the Almighty

Asher = Happy and Blessed

Pagiel = God Disposes

Ochran = to Disturb, to Troubled

Naphtali = My Struggle

Ahira = This name has a CHOICE MEANING. It could mean ‘brother is evil or unlucky’ or it could mean ‘brother is friend’.

Enan = Cloud

Before I write it all together I want to make something very clear. This is again, my egg. If you google the meanings of the words in other languages, you’re going to get different messages. Be careful what you share, if your message comes out fearful or angry, is it meant to be shared and are you being tested? I believe I’m approaching this technique in a delicate manner to discover what my next hurdles are to develop into a hopeful human being. With that said, if you read ‘Follow the Clues, Connect the Dots’ from an earlier post then you know which CHOICE meaning I’m going to insert as it pertains to my biological brother.

Altogether Now: God is my Judge, Brother of Assistance help the People of the almighty happy and blessed. God Disposes to disturb, to trouble my struggle brother is evil “unlucky” Cloud.

You see, I had this cloud in my head that my brother was my arch nemesis when in reality he is anything but. He saved my life every chance he could because that’s the heart he has. He loves people despite the fact that they annoy him to pieces. This is my egg, my message to rectify my own cloud to turn it to ‘Brother is Friend’, isn’t that neat?! I love Jesus so much for unlocking this for me so my brother and I can assist the people of the almighty. We are indeed Happy and Blessed! To the pages!

Another disclaimer, maybe these numbers don’t amount to pages. Do the numbers represent something else in your life that’s significant? Dates? A location? I don’t know your eggs, but Jesus does ask him about it.

Page 627 lands on 1 Chronicles 18 - “The Lord made David victorious wherever he went.” is mentioned twice on that page. Repeats are for a reason! God is INTENTIONAL. As God’s people when we hold ourselves accountable and administer righteously and justly within our personal actions - are we victorious wherever you go?

Also another fun find just because we’re here and it’s all about numbers. In the beginning of the chapter it accounts the spoils of war that David collected as he won his military campaigns: 1,000 / 7,000 / 20,000 / 100 / 20,000 / 18,000

Be kind to my egg as I expose it...

Reading the numbers backwards like Hebrew, I see the difference between 18 and 20 is 19. 100 spoils of war are “kept” so I translate it to “stop”. 2-1-7. We lost someone very special on 2/17/19 and it happens to also be my brother's birthday. Do you see it? I upset my brother in an awful way making a comment about that day this last summer. Although I’ve apologized, time is what heals the wounds, not words. (Currently blocked from visiting, calling, and attending family functions.)

To my broseph, I can be patient and I love you!

Page 415 lands on 1 Samuel 9 - Did you know that Saul was an impressive young man until Pride came over him to be just annoying to David? I guess the word I would use for this page is SEER.

Page 534 lands on a commentary labeled ‘Fire from Heaven’, and you know what my initial thought was? Does anyone remember the green laser beam “conspiracy” from Tubbs? Could that in fact be God? Could everything we have famine, drought, or plague be because we are off course and need to be redirected? It’s all over the Bible and in our History so that can’t be coincidence. I looked up the New American translation and it lands on 1 Kings 14:12 the fall of Jeroboam (he that oppresses the people) after a twenty-two year reign. Today is the 22nd, is that a coincidence too?


Page 1576 lands on another commentary?! Read My Messy Message, there’s no way I can make this up! The commentary is titled, “Yet, I will Celebrate”. Awe, the warm and fuzzy finally arrived! Now to the New American Bible: Luke 14:15-35 - the age range of my addictions. Take a moment and read those verses. The Large Banquet, let us shower even those less fortunate with our blessings. Have we not found who our true friends are through this pandemic? Was that on purpose?The Cost of Following Jesus - he’s specifically looking for sinners! No one can be perfect in each other’s eyes and yet our society claims it on every program. HUMILITY is the word here.

My grandmother gifted me the book Forward on my birthday and I just started to read it the other night. He quoted Luke 14:28 on page 13 of this book. The timing to initiate a book gifted to me exactly a month ago and finding this very passage today is just another coincidence?

To believe is a choice. To know further into the depths of this existence is another. To trust is the ultimate choice. I love me some Jesus! Friends, I see a hopeful and better future for everyone. To hop on board with that is a choice!


Writers Note Added 12/29/22

Ironically, I'm participating in an 35DayOT Challenge and I'm finally reading 1 Chronicles all the way through. I just finished Chapter 18 this morning. I can't get enough of these coincidences!

This is the last post for this Numbers Series so I put all the hidden

messages and word finds here in one space to see the journey. Thank you for following or trying to follow this twisted egg!

1. ‘Thanksgiving / Praise foretells, initiates my people are willing / my kinsmen are noble, generous. His reward will come, God has given littleness or small Prince to dwell of honor. God is my Father's window; grief.’

Rejoice, Peace, Greif, Trust...

2. ‘Behold a Son, a Rock of God, a Field of Light to be Heard that God is My Peace, God is my Strength, my Rock! Fortune, luck has it the Lord Increases the Knowledge of God, FRIENDSHIP.’

Victory, Reform, Strength, Restored...

3. The Fruitful / Fertile / Productive God Hears the People of Glory / Renowned causing to Forget. God is my reward and my recompense, the Powerful Savior, the Stone of Redemption, Son of Right Hand / Son of the South, Father of Judgement / My Father is Judge… He Bruises or Breaks a Destroyer.

Provision, Obedience, Rise/Fall, Conclusion...

4. God is my Judge, Brother of Assistance help the People of the almighty happy and blessed. God Disposes to disturb, to trouble my struggle brother is evil “unlucky” Cloud.

Intentional, Seer, Freedom, Humility...

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