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numéro deux pt. trois

Writer's Note: This is the third post on this discovery so the lingo and verbiage depend on you reading the previous two posts. There's one more Numéro Deux in the series! I hope you enjoy them and I encourage you to go find out what YHWH is saying in these chapters of Numbers. This is just proof that there's something for everyone!


It’s super late this Tuesday night, but I’m so curious to see what the next camp means and where this could lead. The Bible is so cool! Okay, let’s jump right in with...

Numbers 2:18-24 -

“18 Ephraim’s military divisions will camp on the west side under their banner. The leader of the Ephraimites is Elishama son of Ammihud. 19 His military division numbers 40,500. 20 The tribe of Manasseh will be next to it. The leader of the Manassites is Gamaliel son of Pedahzur. 21 His military division numbers 32,200. 22 The tribe of Benjamin will be next. The leader of the Benjaminites is Abidan son of Gideoni. 23 His military division numbers 35,400. 24 The total in their military divisions who belong to Ephraim’s encampment number 108,100; they will move out third.”

Ephraim = Fruitful, Fertile, Productive

Elishama = God Hears

Ammihud = People of Glory, Renowned

Manasseh = Causing to Forget

Gamaliel = God is my Reward/Recompense - Meaning the loss of a Child

Pedahzur = Powerful Savior Stone of Redemption

Benjamin = Son of Right Hand, of the South

Abidan = Father of Judgement, My father is Judge

Gideoni = He that Bruises or Breaks, a Destroyer

Altogether Now: The Fruitful / Fertile / Productive God Hears the People of Glory / Renowned causing to Forget. God is my reward and my recompense, the Powerful Savior, the Stone of Redemption, Son of Right Hand / Son of the South, Father of Judgement / My Father is Judge… He Bruises or Breaks a Destroyer.

How’s that for hope oh wicked ones! I’m glad I’m on his team! I should print this to hold me accountable for my actions and words as I go out into the World. Let’s jump to the pages to see how this is connected. (Reminder: I'm using the census numbers to go to literal pages in the Bible to see if the Biblical Authors can encourage me.)

- Page 405 lands on another commentary! Man, what are the odds?! It’s titled, ‘Bowed in Worship’. In the New American Bible it lands on Ruth 2:10 - and side note I love the book of Ruth! What trust and devotion. No way! Look at the verse,

“10 She fell facedown, bowed to the ground, and said to him, “Why have I found favor with you, so that you notice me, although I am a foreigner?”

This is wild! I love it! What are the coincidences that the two Bibles would be synced on the word 'Bowed'? Keep reading to the end of the chapter to see the whole picture.


- Page 322 lands on Joshua 8 - Guys, I literally just got chills and jumped out of my seat! This is so awesome - Conquest of Ai (pronounced hāʿAy)…. Really? Followed by the New Commitment of the Law. Only one word - OBEDIENCE

- Page 354 lands on Judges 1 - RISE AND FALL

- Page 1081 lands on Ecclesiastes 12:9-14. I haven’t read this one so I think tomorrow I’ll crack down the whole book! Thanks for the lead Yeshua! Here’s the word - CONCLUSION

I encourage you to really read your Bible on these books, the verses, double check the name meanings for yourself, what pages do you land on in your version? God has a message for everyone so go find your eggs! As for me, I tend to do my best to respect God and keep his Commands because the key is accountability. Key phrase there is ‘do my best’. The choice is ours!

Stay Tuned for “Numéro Quatre” for the final camp meaning and total headcount.

Praise YHWH!

Written on 9/21/21

P.S. I finally finished the book of Numbers on 12/17/22!! Love is Patient.


List of Sites used to find Name Meanings:

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