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Written 9/12/21

What came first? The chicken? Or the egg? Should we define both first in every scenario before answering? For the resent post ‘The Power of Love’, I’m already anticipating some blasphemy fallout with those who question the story’s interpretation of origins. Why would I be anticipating that? Well because it does sound oddly familiar. I’m sure each one of us has seen a movie or a show or read a book or a paper on this very topic written over the last couple thousand years or so. I believe in Jesus Christ and I believe in the Bible so I believe that his story came first. The chicken. I believe the egg is defined as a thought. The thought to reproduce, to reinvent, to decide “you want another one?”

For the believer, here’s what we know: we know that Pride was the fall of Lucifer, we know that other angels fell soon after him, we know that jealously of the Lord was the cause of their pride. We know that “people without discernment are doomed.” Hosea 4:14, and we know that our ancient ancestors believed in some pretty outlandish Gods according to the Egyptian hieroglyphics, Mayan markings, Norse mythology, Indian deities, Greek Mythology, and so on. We also know, thanks to Ancient Aliens, that every culture around the world have depicted the great flood. Interesting, very interesting.

During my pandemic hideaway, I took a moment to watch Great Greek Myths on Amazon Prime. I’ve always been fascinated by Greek mythology starting with an early obsession with Kevin Sorbo in Hercules. My late Aunt taught me the Xena, Warrior Princess holler and to this day, it comes out at all sporting events. I love that woman! She’s currently on eternal vacation. Greek Mythology was taught in my elementary school as we learned the basics of world history and today it’s introduced between the ages 4-9 years old because children that young have discernment, sure.

As I’m watching the first few minutes of the special interest documentary, I begin to see something I never realized before. Like all stories, it starts with one, Chaos. Chaos was the void, the darkness, the obscurity, it was… different, misunderstood. Then magically entered Gaia appeared and "birthed the earth, the mountains, the creatures, the plants, the oceans and their foam." The show mentions Eros which was the breath that desired all life to mate. But Gaia loved nothing because there was only Chaos so she called upon Uranus, the sky, and Uranus would impregnate Gaia over and over again and out came the twelve titans. Really? Twelve?

So if there’s these fallen like angels or giants or kings or wicked selfish people that are envious of the creator, wouldn’t itbe possible for them to steal his story and praise themselves through this false sense of worship? Not far fetched given we live in the time of Hollywood. So assuming that some arrogant creature or human had the audacity to take the sacred story and make it their own to be idolized to the pit of pride, who is Eros? Reference Proverbs 3:20 again,

20 By his knowledge the watery depths broke open, and the clouds dripped with dew.”

Eros is knowledge. Eros is Greek means desire, cupid, God of Love, the impulse of erotic love. To remind people, this story of Chaos, Gaia, Uranus, and Eros is considered myth by the entire world, except of course in Ancient Aliens. However, 31% of the current world population are considered Christian - 24%Islam, 15% are Hindus,15% are Atheist, and 6% are Buddhists according to Wikipedia and the Guardian from census completed in 2015 and in 2020. Which leaves 9% of the World’s population that are lost or undecided.

I’m gonna take a guess and say maybe teaching mythology, theories, and hypothesis’s in the minds of 4-9 year olds isn’t the best idea. Being an extremely confused Millennial in my 20’s I’m just going to flat out say it, YOU RUINED MY BELIEF POWER HOUSE WITH YOUR IGNORANT INFLUENCE AND SUBJECTING UNDEVELOPED MINDS TO THE FANTASY OF SANTA CLAUS,PRINCESSES, AND THE ASSUMPTION THAT KNOWLEDGE OVER WISDOM IS POWER.

I have to be honest, I feel so much better having used the all caps button. This is concerning on many levels because I was raised in a Christian household and yet, instead of heeding my parents wisdom, I thought they were crazy religious due to the majority teaching the opposite despite their “belief” in Jesus Christ. I’mcalled not to say the F word, but come on! No wonder our children are choosing the opt out of this experience. It makes no sense!

Chaos is the beginning for the Lord, Gaia is Sister Wisdom, Uranus is the Spirit of God, and Eros is Knowledge. I read the verses all of twice as a born again christian to see Adonai’s heart. I’m not bragging, I’m concerned why this world is taking so long to get there. Oh, how beautiful is it to see how Love was created, Eros.

Do you have any idea how much you are really loved in this world? Why are you letting someone rob you of this experience with Jesus? Whatever your lifestyle is or religious background or bookworm type, you are missing the biggest easter egg of all time in the reality of Ready Player One. Not Player One and the priest, and the politician, and the blogger, and the physician, and the scientist, and the yogi. Just One. It starts with one moment to act, one shot, one opportunity, one moment to seize your purpose by just taking a peek.

What’s sad is even Zeus believes in Jesus. Even the wicked, even Hitler, the giants, the elite, the water, the house pets, the trees. And yet, we listen to 6% tell us otherwise?! Why believe in something the wicked did too? Because that was the point, to rob you of your experience. It’s harder to control those that know their true path and their true freedom and their true love for the father, the son, and the holy spirit. Take a chance, it’s just a book. What do you really have to lose?

But can you imagine what you could gain? Infinite possibilities. For a real treasure hunt, watch the first episode of Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix. To solve the mystery, look to Mathew. Now go get some!


Writers Note *PLEASE READ*

ADDED ON 7/16/22

I spent the last week going through this post and editing the details to proper grammar and debating about removing the "all caps" portion. However, I started this blog to show people the spiritual journey that I’m on and it felt right today to revert to the original entry from September. Ugh, the misspelling makes me cringe.

I want you to see the mistakes to see the growth. I want you to see the know it all attitude. I want you to see the stages and phases of processing the anger. I want you to see the similarities in all of our history and in all of our beliefs. I want you to see the absence of patience. I want you to notice how easy it is to let our minds, our thoughts, our discernment go straight out the window when we’re thinking only of ourselves.

I’m not mad at my elementary education. I’m not mad that I believed in Santa Claus for so long. I’m not mad that I still do believe that I’m a princess waiting for her prince. But I was mad. I was mad that I felt like I was surrounded by a bunch of idiots because how can we have shows on television literally point to obnoxiousness instead of truth. How is it that all the villains believe in Yeshua and still the ignorant don’t?

It took me almost a year to realize that for me it wasn’t about believing in his existence, it was about accepting his existence. We all want it written a different way. Why? Readers, keep reading. With each post I go a little deeper into the why and bravely display this vulnerable heart to show you “a” path to acceptance, of which I’m still on. You’re about to see the writing get a little better, the words get a little deeper, the creativity flows a little freer, and the heart aligns a little closer to God’s.

Ironically, 1 Timothy 4:7 was brought to me this week on Wednesday when instructed to look up 4:12-15, but my eye caught my note made back on December 5th to “Read again and again” A Good Servant of Jesus Christ.

But have nothing to do with pointless and silly myths. Rather, train yourself in godliness.

This should also sum up the reason why I try to curb the Fuck word.

Enjoy the Not Your Perfect Ride!


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I love the way you express yourself. You are a gifted writer. When are you writing your book? 😊

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