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The Facebook Fire

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

After reading Revelations, I thought I had a revelation and I posted it on Facebook saying that I knew why California was constantly being burned down to the ground. DISCERNMENT ALERT: My opinion doesn’t constitute factual evidence to the cause I was referring to, I SEE that now.

All the same, the post sparked some responses as to why I thought I had all the answers starting with a conversation with one of my cousins discussing the overwhelming pressure and control we felt we’re under. When in actuality, it’s just we want it all to go away so we can get back to normal. Our lives are just fine, normalcy ensues everyday.

Not even a moment later, a friend who had commented on my revelation post, posted on their page if anyone could see a current fire in town adjacent from her mother’s house. Not being local herself, she was eager to get some peace and relief. We can all relate to that incessant need for answers after what we’ve all been through in Sonoma County.

Turns out, my apartment looks out over the town so I was able to send her a photo of that exact moment of the small puff fire near her family home. We all expanded our eyes at the coincidence. First, I post about why I think we’re always on fire making a biblical connection, then my cousin who also lives in the same neighborhood strikes a similar line of thinking, then we were able to give her a live report and visual confirmation of the incident in nature.

What are the odds we manifested that moment with our energy? What are the odds of that happening all within minutes of posting? Coincidence? Maybe an anonymous mystery delivering some much needed peace to someone miles away? I believe it was the Lord looking out for an angel. What do you think?

Event Date: August 5th, 2021

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