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The Library Book

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Event Date: 9/6/21

When thinking about starting this blog adventure, my sister had some feedback on my approach. I’ve been over zealous to say the least about Yeshua choosing to wake me up and I’m really called to limit that to the appropriate place and time, Proverbs 19:2. So she warned me about lowering the joyful pride on behalf of those not ready to jump in zeal with me. Okay sis, I heard you.

The next day, I was invited to go meet my girlfriend and her stepmom to walk the block. Before we headed out she mentioned her new Book Library they added to the front yard. The concept being that people can take and place books to rotate the interest. Free knowledge by choice. We started on our journey and made it around about the fifth block I’d say, when we approached another library. I stop to stretch my legs, they are fast walkers!

While I stretch, the girls take a gander and my adopted stepmom pulls out a book and says, “Look at this one!” Brag! The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn Without Blowing It.

Really? Okay Lord, I heard you.

Photo Taken 5/8/2016 while walking with my cousin in the hills of LA. Who else has random photos they never delete? I'm glad I saved this one for this specific moment.

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1 Comment

Jessica Barbosa
Jessica Barbosa
Mar 22, 2022

And they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony!!! Speak it sis!

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