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The Second Breakthrough

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Written on 9/2/21

When I was twenty-one, I lost a dear friend of mine to a car accident. Death sucks, right? Shortly after I was offered a cookie and I became the Cookie Monster. I’m going to let you use your imagination as to what party favor that was. It became a bit of a problem. Almost lost my job at the time because of it, lost friends because of it, and my relationship with another Cookie Monster wasn’t helping it.

I cried a lot on birthdays in my twenties. Although, at times the monster was dormant, I relapsed during Covid. Who didn’t relapse during Covid? You’re not judging, I know. On August 18th, I had another visit, but this one was familiar. This is how I know it’s Jesus taking the wheel and helping a girl out.

I knew something was up. Had a feeling that something was in the air, not to mention our neighborhoods are becoming different lately - lawless lately, can anyone relate? It’s like in the First Breakthrough, how there was a negative energy first before the pull. I felt anxious, nervous, butterflies even. So I was on edge. I had my nephew that night so at least I had a cuddle buddy.

Anyone got a kid that always finds himself perpendicular to the bed? I begin to roll over for the hundredth time and bam! I alert my eyes, lights flash on, bright af, white ghost jumps towards my face, “Yolo!” Same sequence only now I can’t open my eyes at all after the ghost, I can’t move my tongue or talk, and it has my right arm pinned to the weight of gravity. If I couldn’t say the words, think about them, eventually I got control back and the words became comforting.

In Jesus Name, I love you and I forgive you. Christ compels you to go Home

Here’s the creative part and why so much perpetuated fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. Yes, the light came on and I lost feeling for about a minute, but the ghost was the ghost of one of my favorite movies, Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark and the “Yolo” sound was the glitter troll from Trolls. My prayer all summer was ‘Cleanse my Temple’ and the Lord is doing just that. The next night I was offered a cookie.

Only two small bites, but I was so mad at myself for allowing a loved one to justify “all is fine in moderation”. Her advice was fine, but the way I justified it wasn’t. I didn’t realize until the next day that He was sending me a warning - He was trying to tell me that Yolo was on its way. Total remorse on my birthday weekend. I smoked my last puff of the magic dragon and ended the twenty years of imprisonment of my own demise, fineto!

My question to everyone is: Which seed was planted first? I’m a confused Millennial growing up with religion, Hollywood, science, and our politics. Can we discern the yin and yang in all things?

Religion: Planted the seed that it was okay for someone ‘To tell me’ how it is when that’s The Teacher’s job. Way to rob Everyone of the greatest experience ever. Discernment, I’m not saying churches are bad, but are they doing more than they should when it comes to interpretation? Christians, are guides, not hospice.

Hollywood: False Evidence Appearing Real. How much perpetuated fear and objectification can we take? Two camps, two wolves, which wolf wins? The one you feed. Look at advertising, movies, Netflix, commercials, magazines, posters, ipads, who has a child shaking like a heroin addict waiting for the next show?

Science: What do we really know? Really? The narrative is constantly changing. Because of evolution or because we’re wrong to begin with? Theories and guesses don’t make TRUTH. Discernment. Science can be good, but can we discern when it’s being used wickedly? Yes, people can save lives and I applaud that, but how about what gets us there to begin with.

Politics: Honestly, I don’t want to touch this due to the overly sensitive and offensiveness of the subject. But why is it like that to begin with? Could the extreme on both sides be there in order to look at why one side or the other is so extreme? First, I have to look at what pushed it there to begin with.

With each supernatural encounter, it becomes really obvious who had the better grip. Because Jesus is a CHOICE and Voldermort has not given me a chance. Man, so controlling. Yeshua is for EVERYONE! So what planted the thought that he’s not for me? We are the first generation to see the side effects of cinema photography and the COMPELLING effects it has on our hearts and in our thoughts. So what now? When do I choose Joy again and start perpetuating Truth and Love for the peace we all deserve?

Today seems good.


Psalm 4:7-8

7 You have put more joy in my heart

than they have when their grain and new wine abound.

8 I will both lie down and sleep in peace,

for you alone, Lord, make me live in safety.


Photo Cred: Beth Moore. Patriarchs, Lifeway Press, 2005

I took this photo from the DVD's on 8/15/21 Just days before the "visit". Thanks Beth!

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