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"To The Christian"

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Baby stepping my journey with Yeshua, I’ve been submerged into the Bible like it’s water. Is that why we get baptized? At this point in time, I’m about nine books in jumping all over the place as you let the teacher lead you based on your pace, what you need to learn, no two students alike.

It’s important to focus on endurance as you embark the wilderness. Tests, revelations about yourself, enlightenment, drink water, walk daily, deep breaths, allow forgiveness – Don‘t Give Up, Endurance. My people hear me preach it now on the daily and I’m down seventeen pounds!

Late one evening, already in bed, I got this call, this instinct, reviewing what I heard throughout the day, to Read Matthew. Almost midnight, I’m pondering if I should get up to make a note of it. Okay, I’ll get up. I have the memory of a twenty year stoner so ‘post it’s’ are everywhere!

I walk to my phone and there’s an instagram notification from a passionate believer of Christ that I follow. I tag many now for encouragement, affirmations, and well… hope. The post read,

Lord, I just got up to make the note, but thank you for the literal ‘insta-gram’! Ha!

Snapshot taken at Midnight on the dot on 8/14/21

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