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Trust the First Step

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Written on 8/25/21

When my business closed to Covid last spring, I had an Instinct to “take the summer”. And do what? Almost everyone in my life asked me why. At the time I responded, “because it’s Summer!” Like I knew my instinct told me I needed the time to break. Conditioned since kindergarten, I don’t think I’ve ever had a productive summer - lots of call outs.

Usually, just wine tasting and forcing my birthday dinners on people. Work hard, play harder. Where’s the literal rest? I’ll rest when I’m dead.

I started the forced to retire early from my dream job summer like anyone would. Drugs. Then I traveled to visit family. Then I traveled to help my family, oh did they ever help me in return. I love my abundant family. Blessed with tribes, just like Joseph’s brothers (the tribes of Israel) and brother-sister cousins to boot!

My aunt is a living Miracle, but that’s another story. She helped me read again. (I have two college degrees, I read, I just don’t like to read for pleasure - funny now I’m a blogger asking READ ME!) Suffering from vascular dementia and being isolated with me for two weeks, she sure was sharp on the vocabulary pronunciations of our ancient ancestors.

They say it takes a year to read the Bible, but I’m a recovering addict with an obsessive personality so two months in and I’ve covered some ground, yet DISCERNMENT, I’m only on the surface. Like in the dating stage eagerly awaiting the promise ring and then on August 4th, I got something… I heard my name.

To be called is unlike anything other than what you expect. You see I didn’t hear my name given to me by my parents, I heard the name He has given me. I ran to my grandmas crying in tears because I felt the need to read Revelations after I was stunned to the bone about a megaphone going off in a closed room with no technology present, door shut, alone, and checking for the mystery man in my presence. Read Pioneer Barbeque for that revelation!

More Discernment, Revelations is at the back of the book FOR A REASON. If you’re new to the book club, don’t start there! Without knowing the pretext, you’ll Schitt in the street.

Before I read, I pray for Discernment like it’s water in a desert. I pray that He shows me my heart. I pray that He guides me to what I’m supposed to SEE. I’m so in love! Finally, a guy who reciprocates the passionate obsession - hello! Doesn’t sound like anything you’ve heard in church, huh? May I offer a perspective that the church isn’t just a building, it’s you. “Treat your body like a temple.”?

Mine was hijacked. I trusted the first step. Take the summer. Look for posts like Breakthrough or Birthday Princess to see where the first leaps were made!


Note Added 2/24/22

I never really noticed before until my life was still how I'm completely surrounded by....


Luke 13:18-19

18 He said, therefore, “What is the kingdom of God like, and what can I compare it to? 19 It’s like a mustard seed that a man took and sowed in his garden. It grew and became a tree, and the birds of the sky nested in its branches.”

First Photo Taken 3/22/21 @6:47pm during my last week of business.

Second Photo Taken 2/3/22 @ 4:44pm after a walk of motives.

Third Photo Taken 2/4/22 @ 9:42am when it finally sunk in that I'm surrounded by faith!

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2 commentaires

Jessica Barbosa
Jessica Barbosa
26 févr. 2022

Thank you for sharing that, I absolutely loved it!

Audrey Lynn
Audrey Lynn
26 févr. 2022
En réponse à

Thank you for reading!! 😃

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