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“Choose the Present”

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Written on 9/03/21

I got up early to write about my stories with God because last night was a little heavy of a lesson. I went to bed praying for comfort not yet realizing I had already set it in motion. A few days back I leant my vehicle to a cousin in need and as she returned it to me this morning, we had breakfast together. I love Piner Café, it’s a comforting place with comforting food. We spent almost two hours talking about our “why’s?” and laughing and sharing and comforting each other in our walks. Everyone’s walk will be different. No two students alike. Two camps. Two wolves. Billions of outcomes. It starts with one page.

Feeling tired from the night before, I set the timer and took a nap before I had the opportunity to help someone pick up their kids. I live near a hospital so helicopters fly over frequently. My dream started with me walking around my parents neighborhood on a street named San Miguel. Miguel was the name of the tow truck driver from the other night when I helped my cousin and took that as a sign I'm moving in the right direction.

As I’m walking, a little boy walks up to me and says, “He’ll be there, go to the chosen place.” And then a white helicopter with black blades spins louder and louder above my head then dips it’s nose straight down and dives towards me. I wasn’t scared, I knew it was a dream. I was annoyed though, “Jesus, who will be where and is he cute? Get that bird out of my face!”

I’m thirty-five, single, and still waiting for my Carrot, however, I wasn’t waiting patiently so I’m positive that’s part of the issue. Tisk, tisk. I forgave myself and so did Jesus so no need to shake your head while you’re reading my blog walk, this whole thing is about growing up. I can hear myself talking to him almost like an argument, “come on! Like five more minutes”, as I wrestle the pillow. Oh boy, I heard his voice again...


“I’m up, I’m up! I have no idea what that means Yeshua.”

My mother called me, I forgot to tell her I don’t need a ride to help my friend with her kids. She’s a little upset with me so I tell her what God said in hopes she forgives the miscommunication because I was distracted with Christ. Nope, she immediately replies, “yeah, choose to be in the present,” and reminds me to call ahead next time. I’ll ponder that, but that doesn’t sound like the message. If He wanted me to “be in the present” then that’s what he would’ve said, I mean he’s God, he made communication possible.

The next day, I helped a friend out for her birthday and came home to open the Bible for more walking. Choose the present, Choose the present?, “I have presents coming?!”. I started the morning reading the first four chapters of Hebrews mainly because in my study I keep getting references there so since it’s short, I’ll dive into it. So much content, my margins are marked, highlighters are color coded for remembrance, and I’m soaking it all in. When I returned that afternoon from my friend's house, I noticed the recall ballot on my table. Been sitting there nearly two weeks now, procrastination I guess. I thought it best to look up the definition present before I start to read chapter 5 of Hebrews.

Present: A moment or period of time between past and future, temporary. The document or instrument in question. Past tense - verb. Existing or happening now. In attendance, being at hand. Existing at something specified. Now being considered; actually being involved. Alert to circumstances, attentive. Readily available – immediate.

I pray for guidance on how to vote. “Lord, politics are complicated and my vote never really seems to matter. How do I approach this?”

Have you read Hebrews 5? I was stumped on the “You need milk, not solid food.” in verse 12 so I researched it. It’s about being inexperienced, an infant, I laugh to myself as I’ve been saying ‘baby steps, baby steps, baby steps’, through this walk. We are infants without understanding in so many arena’s of this world. On that page, I was referenced to 1 Corinthians 3:1 reminding me that I am of the flesh and although I held the title of Christian, I wasn’t organically spiritual. The second reference was 1 Peter 2:2 which spoke to me on many levels one being ‘desire the pure milk’. Needless to say, I desire it everyday now.

Read the whole chapter of 1 Peter 2 and what does it say in verse 14? I prayed and I paid attention to the dialogue. Once I finished reading the chapter, especially verse 18, I realized that our Lord is intentional and I’m reminded of Proverbs 3:5 - go for the Gold! I don’t understand this considering I want to vote the other way, but I have to believe and trust His plan for 99 for 1. After reading that parable, I realize it’s not 99 problems, but ALL for 1. That’s how much he loves YOU!


I am amazed everyday how much we are loved, how much he has to offer, and how much we’ve been missing. His anointed are out there and they are working for the greater good, I must obey and cease and desist this constant roundabout way full of irrational conversations because it is foolish and making him look funny. Mocking. No thank you, no more. I love my God for he is an Awesome God and I Choose the Present. I plan on being at that chosen place on his timing, not mine for his presents are our blessings.

Anyone want to interpret my dream?!

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