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“What If You Already Have It?!”

Written on 10/06/21

Throughout this journey, I hope that some of you have recognized that I discuss the “Seven Approaches” (I made that title up, but it's in the book). In other words, the seven key points on how to deliver the message, the optics, the approach, but today I wonder if this is the key on how to deliver ourselves with God’s help from the Mark of the Beast. Does anyone even know what the Mark of the Beast is?

First, let’s recap on what the Seven Approaches are in Col 3:12: Compassion, Kindness, Humility, Gentleness, Patience, Forgiveness, and LOVE. So in the interest of education, I looked up the opposite word of the ‘Approaches’ so I’ll correlate them for you below:

Compassion - Indifferent

Kindness - Meanness

Humility - Pride

Gentleness - Brutality

Patience - Impatience

Forgiveness - Punishment

LOVE - Hate

As I’m looking up these words and what the Newton opposite is, Newton’s Third Law of Equal and Opposite Action=Reaction, I’m blown away at the definitions and the similar words used to describe what this actually means. For example, Compassion is to show concern for the sufferings and misfortunes of others with descriptive words such as: Sensitivity, Consideration, Care, Mercy, Tenderness, Understanding, and Brotherly Love. The opposite Indifferent means a lack of interest, concern, or sympathy.

I’m reminded of my literal brother and our conflict yet again. I displayed indifference to him most of our upbringing so why am I surprised by his current silent treatment? Kindness is the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate with descriptive words such as: Goodwill, Helpful, Thoughtful, Hospitable, Amiable, and Magnanimity. These are big words, I agree. Amiable is having a pleasant manner and Magnanimity is generosity as a fact or condition. So like tithing is a condition, maybe? Meanness is spiteful, unfair, vicious, unattractive, an aggressive character.

I thought having an aggressive character was supposed to be cute, as if to be tough or difficult for endearment?! No wonder I’m still single! Gentleness is the ability of being kind, tender, mild-mannered… I’m sensing a theme here. Clemency, Quietness, Stillness, Serenity, Forbearance, Humanity. More big words, Clemency is mercy and forbearance is self-control, restraint. Guys, if Yeshua taught this then I’ve been misdirecting the blame onto him for a lot of stuff. Why do we blame him for all the bad things in life as if it’s his fault? Because he didn’t intervene? Sounds lazy now to me.

Patience is the capacity to accept delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. Oh! Without getting angry or upset… I thought that attitude was accepted by our society. Words used to describe patience: Endurance, Composure, Tenacity, Diligence, Equilibrium, Obstinacy, Equanimity, and Assiduity. Now that I know that being impatient is a direct tell that my equilibrium is off I’m going to practice deep breathing for endurance.

Anyone? Bueller?

Equanimity is mental calmness and Assiduity is paying close attention to what you’re doing, mindfulness. I know what was causing UN-mindfulness in my life, but what is causing everyone else's?

In short, Forgiveness is being able to let go, Pardon, Absolution, Dispensation, Vindication, and Reprieve. If we don’t learn to forgive others no matter what they did then we’re literally punishing ourselves. Punishment is the infliction of a penalty as retribution for an offense, rough mistreatment, suffered by a person or thing, a sentence, battering, abuse, mis-handling. God is neither a physical person or a thing today so why did I punish him every time I was mistreated by either my unwillingness to forgive or others unwillingness to forgive me? That literally doesn’t even make sense according to the English Language!

Love is an intense feeling of deep affection. Ha, I know this one… or do I? Fondness, Intimacy, Attachment - there you go! Devotion, Worship, Passion - and there I am again! Adoration, Enjoyment, Delight (did you know that Eden, like the Garden of Eden, means his delight, his pleasure?) Kind of like he LOVES us. Appreciation, Darling, Honey, Cherish, Prize… CARROT! Hate is a strong, intense aversion to one’s regret or embarrassment, criticized, to detest, loathe, and despise. Well, none of those things sound like the verse Col 3:12 at all.

Is anyone sensing what I’m getting at here? I couldn’t find anything on the web that came close to my suspicion and strong belief at this point in my journey as to what the mark of the beast is. One article came close and I tagged it for a read if you so care to venture. To elaborate the article, the writer alludes that the mark may not be a physical mark, but a spiritual one and I’ve been thinking the same thing for months! Being an infant in this walk, I kept it to myself until I knew for sure. Readers, I would love to know what your thoughts are and insight regarding this matter for clarity.

Humility is a modest low view of one’s own importance, humbleness, meekness, shyness. Did anyone wonder why Yeshua would tell the people he healed to keep quiet? I know it’s so he wouldn’t gather attention because he was wanted by the Romans and the Pharisees, but clearly we all love attention so what’s wrong with it? To clarify the definition doesn’t state to have a low view of oneself, but rather just your importance. So the opposite in Newton's Law of this word is Pride: a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own accomplishments, to admire the accomplishments of others (like riding a coattail), and coveting widely admired possessions and qualities. The quality of having an excessively high opinion of oneself or one’s importance.

Huh, that’s weird. Let’s define the word Proud since I feel there is a fine line being drawn here. Proud: Nope, same definitions although I liked the British take on it saying ‘slightly projecting from the surface’. Did anyone consider that the Deep State was just our own personal Deep State within our own Consciousness? Right, why mention the forehead if it wasn’t meant for our ego? So I think Yeshua did his best to avoid the mark of the beast by avoiding self gratification because he accomplished his achievement not by his own, but by God’s favor, Adonai, Hashem, Ruarch Elohim, The Father and the Holy Spirit.

EEK! What do I do if I already have it, Jesus?!

Compassion, Kindness, Humility, Gentleness, Patience, Forgiveness, and LOVE. Phew, I thought there was going to be more to it. The reason he said there’s only two commands out of the ten that we should focus on is because to remove the mark I need to remember who created me and give thanks, praise to the Most High like he’s the top of the pyramid of Science, Government, and Religion. Funny, is that why there are three pyramids? Father, Son, Spirit?

I heard a rumor that the pyramids were built so that the ancient Egyptians could meditate deep within to commune without worldly distractions. That’s a lot of work for some silence. Makes sense a little that after quarantine there’s all this “awakened” business, but I was essential so I’m late to the revelation. The other commands are pretty much covered if I focus on treating others the way the Lord would want us to be treated. (Not the way “I” would want to be treated because that’s an acquired taste…)

The “Seven Detestable's” as mentioned in the post Promises, are ways to help avoid the traps in the tomb, or deep state, how ever many layers incepted, as we Indiana Jones our way out of the mark - forgiveness upon others, ourselves, and God apparently, is the escape hatch. Let’s recap and may the odds forever be in our favor!

Avoid having Arrogant Eyes - that’s a tough one is this culture so don’t beat yourself up, ask for strength!

Avoid a Lying Tongue - surprising relief when you break the habit and peaceful

Avoid shedding Innocent Blood - shouldn’t be too difficult for the majority… or should it?

Avoid a Heart plotting Wicked Schemes - if I went to high school with you, I am so sorry!

Avoid the Eagerness to Run to Evil - Just Say No, Don’t hit your sibling

Avoid being a False Witness - Lying doesn’t make you better than anyone else, just a liar like that movie with Jim Carey… Liar

Avoid Stirring up Trouble - Just Play Nice Kids… your motives are showing.

The Bible is a literal Guidebook friends, it’s all in there. To not practice his teachings is Newton’s Law to actively choose the Mark, like X marks the spot. Maybe start with the Book of Mark, let the Spirit guide you from there, listen to your heart and you will understand, and not to keep sounding like Pocahontas, Can you paint all the colors of his Love?


Some Articles on the Web for the Mark:

What Is the Mark of the Beast in the Bible?

Mark of the Beast


Guys, I wrote this a year and a half ago and I encourage everyone to do their own study on the Mark and more importantly on Jesus. People find counterfeits not by studying the counterfeit, but by knowing the real deal. Know the real deal, the graceful agreement, the Hebrew that is true!

I came racing home that day back in October of 2021 crying to my dad that the Mark of the Beast was pride and we all had it already. I've never seen that retired old man move that fast out of his recliner to grab his Bible! It was that day that I realized my existence simply doesn't work without the Lord's sense of humor and that I truly only want the authentic mark of love on my forehead. Capital L.

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Jessica Ahukharie
Jessica Ahukharie
13. Mai 2023

I love how your posts give me a little window into your thoughts. I love you friend and I appreciate the fact that you share these with the world.

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