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Written 10/07-08/21

When I posted on FB back in August about wanting to volunteer and give back my time, a friend from high school reached out to guide me to someone who needed help setting up his ranch. I called the ranch owner, left a voicemail, and not much later he returned the call. It was a Wednesday afternoon. He asked why I wanted to help and I told him that besides it being the right thing to do, I wanted to change. My whole career I’ve been helping people overindulge in the retail industry and what attracted me to this was the feeling I was boosting one’s confidence, but making the quota’s was a different kind of boost. I wanted to be the best, I was really good at increasing the sale along with the confidence.

We talked about growth, we talked about exiting the corporate structure, we talked about a book called the Celestine Prophecy. Full honesty…. I spark notes every book report in high school, it took me two years to read Nightingale by Kristen Hannah getting kicked out of book club, I read Idiot by Laura Clery while doing cocaine off the back of it, and when my last book club tried reading The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennet, well as a group only one finished. I was polite to the man and said I would look into it and I got as far as wikipedia. When we eventually met up a week later from our phone call, he mentioned it again, and I said “Oh yeah I looked into it!”, knowing full well he can tell I was just being polite.

Let’s recap on the past few months: When I lost my job back in March, I had recruiters knocking at my door, job offers waiting, and interviews being scheduled, and yet I had an instinct that I had to take the summer. UI took four months to reach me which was an unexpected turn, but I knew all the same that I had to give myself this time. With that time, I traveled to visit relatives, sparked old friendships, and helped where I could with my family. When visiting my Aunt in LA, I started reading Genesis to her. At this point, I read the book of Daniel and some of the Samuels, but was distracted with the second half due to losing my business.

Then I had this idea to paint Genesis, I love her, I’m still working on her. I mapped out Exodus when I read most of it, still have a couple chapters to finish. I read some of the Psalms, really just those texts were scattered in my brain. The last week of July I didn’t sleep much due to paranoia of too many Ancient Alien episodes and the word “regret” in Genesis 6:6. Why would someone who knows the past, present, and future have regrets? I looked up the word in the dictionary and the meaning that stands out the most is remorse. Why would God be remorseful for making us? Feeling like I discovered a key, I didn’t sleep for a week.

August 1st, I talked with my Aunt for hours about conspiracy theories, none of which I focus on anymore. August 3rd, I had my first supernatural experience which I believe was an expulsion of the paranoia since now I’m not an arachnophobe anymore with a video to prove it. August 4th, I heard our Lord’s voice for the first time… read all of Revelations. August 5th, I lost control of my tongue which was a weird feeling. August 8th, I read Hosea coming back from a bachelorette weekend in Scottsdale. That week I read Ruth and the 3 John’s and I started journaling. On August 14th, I believe Adonai presented me with a carrot. The alignment. Everything I was thinking this guy was posting not to mention at least 50 signs from my past. Like how? I know that sounds weird, but read Horton Hears a What Now?! for more weird alignment stuff with others as well.

Blasts from the past reach out to me one by one, right place at the right time, tests, opportunities, blessings, I am overwhelmed with my coincidences that's what kicked this blog into gear. My mind on PowerPoint at church, texting convos with cousins with exact thoughts at the exact same time, high school teammates even commenting on social media about the timing, the women at the marketing meeting turned into a therapy group I’ve been praying for... What is happening?!? I love it! As time went on, I read Songs of Songs unintentionally and went back to Genesis. Somehow I know how many kids I’m going to have, when, genders, names, which come from me and which I’m supposed to find, I know the place where Carrot will find me, read Choose the Present, and like how do I know this stuff?

I’m writing about signs, how everything happens for a reason, I’m sober now seven weeks this Sunday from all the habits and then some, I’ve read 33 books in two months and about half way through 6 more books. But I don’t read, I prefer the movies. I haven’t been able to watch television through this process. It’s like in Man of Steel when Clark gets his senses heightened and hides in the closet at school, my eyes hurt from the content, my ears sensitive to slander, I even talk less. Me! I’ve lost 17 pounds by intermittent fasting, I’m exercising everyday, and I’m blogging every step. So here we are today, I go for a hike and read Mark.

I haven’t written about chapter 10 yet of Mark because it’s a post all in itself, but I highlighted SELL and WEALTH to get deeper definitions to know what exactly Yeshua meant by verses 10:21 and 10:23. I come home to eat a sandwich as my first meal of the day at 3pm and decide to watch something since it’s been awhile. I type in faith based movies into Prime to see what’s available and based on the description using both those words I just highlighted on top the hill, I watch Mully.

Watch it. I’m inspired and since I know which of my kids I'm on the lookout for, I got emotional. I’ve always said I have a million kids because of my role in aiding raising children in my community and now I feel I might have manifested that for my future. Get ready carrot. I continue to vibe with a romantic comedy of a runaway bride looking for signs, but I multitask through it doing laundry, paperwork for a charity I’m currently assisting, making dinner, etc. What, I’m hungry. Then I notice that this book that I’ve never read has a movie as well. The Celestine Prophecy.

Before you read the next post of the breakdown of the movie and the nine insights, watch the movie for yourself, but read the book of Mark too. The Bible came before the scrolls and Jesus came before the movie so read Mark then watch the Movie. Stay connected for the post INsights.


Blogger's Note:

2 Years Later... Still Aligned. Praise God!

Photo Taken 10/8/2021 @ 8:58AM on 101 South

"Play His Song"

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