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Eggs, Water, and Carrots

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Written on 9/10/21

I started reading the book of Genesis to my Aunt back in June due to her slight dementia. I say slight because I don’t believe she has dementia, but her health issues are causing some oversight with her consciousness. The Bible is what she knows growing up in a faithful family, it's comforting. This was my first real go of trying to understand the book of beginnings and upon returning from my trip my mother gave me the Beth Moore study guide, The Patriarchs. Beth mentioned something in the first lesson that stuck with me like white on rice; Words have Meaning. ‘Wait, what seriously?’

Right then I started looking up all the words, their definitions, the words in the definition I didn’t understand, the similarities, then the root words, their origins, the meaning of Names, I bought a Thesaurus. Why? Turns out God is intentional and if he's only got one shot, one opportunity, to seize everything he wanted to say for one eternal book for all the generations, I bet the word is important in all contexts. So when I read the Bible, especially when trying to actually study it, I pray for three things:

Discernment first; the ability to judge MY OWN heart well. He will show you your heart, the good, the bad, the ugly and the wonders of it all. Tread lightly, choose joy, and remember – Deep Breaths, Forgiveness, and Don’t Give Up. You are loved beyond the galaxies! Believe that.

Second, I pray to SEE what I’m supposed to SEE to apply the life lessons. Every word is intentional, every story on purpose, the books left out for a REASON. Bring your ears along too!

Lastly, I pray for Lady Wisdom to bridge the gap of my understanding. This can be an emotional ride to really read the Bible, like really read it. It’s the most beautiful book I’ve ever read. I feel honored just to share my testimony about it. Thank you, YHWH!

If you don’t know my background yet, I suggest pausing to read that Blog first. Under the About tab and the post about My Messy Message under the ‘by design’ category. It explains to you how I evolved as an adult in this highly influential world and how one book is helping me turn it around. It’s an interesting read so Enjoy!

People of the world, I believe there are Easter Eggs all throughout the Bible! There may be commentaries on this very matter out there, but I love my intimate walk with the Lord with limited external influence. I do seek counsel, we're supposed to in fact, but I seek it. Having someone else's opinions about your intimacy only ruins it so at thirty-three, I began reading the book with fresh eyes. Growing up in the church, I can remember sneaking out of the extremely structured sermon like I knew it wasn't for my ears yet.

I had trouble reading in the sixth grade because I was bullied every time I read out loud and as a child, that was embarrassing and discouraging. Today, I have never been more grateful to wait until it was my time. My time to spend with Yeshua, that's Jesus is Hebrew. Oh, what a wonder it has been! My life is changed with the escape door hatched wide open for me to overcome my addictions, insecurities, and fears all with his Word.

As you continue to read my story, I suggest knowing the difference between a false prophet and a testimony.

A False Prophet is someone who focuses on the back of the book you could say. The doom and gloom, overzealousness, the curses, their fears, leads with anger, applies pressure, and will spoon feed you the Words with their opinions, and judge you. They believe they have a warning for you and lead with pride and ego. Not always all at once, but the information is not for you. Remember to forgive and continue to love the false prophet, it's just miscommunication.

A testimony and a TRUE Christian will focus on the Truth, the Love, they Listen, and they follow the teachings as taught by Jesus in the Gospels. Show compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience, forgiveness, and do so without PRIDE or ego. Be mindful of everything you’re subjected to, learn discernment, and seek counsel with salt.

Discernment Alert: All are capable of good and bad decisions. Simply listen to know which door or window of opportunity is for you. We must all coexist.

Christians are to only lead you to the water, it’s up to you to drink it or not, it’s a choice. You will be expected to find your own Eggs for your purpose, it's a choice. To rob you of that joy would be to rob the Lord of that joy and I wouldn’t dream of taking that pride from you or from him. That moment is what this whole life experience is about, Enlightenment to the Mystery. You don’t want to miss it!

I hope you enjoy seeing a glimpse, just a glimpse, of how I discovered the Holy Spirit and how I’m discovering the true wonder of the universe – his faithfulness. It’s so beautiful! Please let me know how I can help you as you embark on this journey. Leave me a comment, Contact me under the Resources, or visit me at the Worship Center’s shared under the Resource Tab.

Are you ready, player one?

A couple weeks ago, I volunteered for the first time at the local food bank. Sad considering I once had paid PTO days to get me to give back to my community, but always feeling busy and exhausted, I never did anything outside my paycheck. Read Mathew 25:35-40 that promoted the change of heart. I was immediately drawn to the carrot station… I do like the color orange. A month later, I came across a study of the word Hellenist in Colossians.

All of a sudden it makes total sense why we hunt for eggs on the day of his Resurrection. The word led me to a need to learn Greek, “το νερό και το καρότο”, means ‘the water and the carrot’. For a time I thought the Lord picked out my carrot and that he’s on his way and I won’t give up on that hope, but this was the phrase I had to learn in the first dozen rounds using Duolingo trying to learn Greek. It just stuck.

Today, I understand what God was trying to show me – Look for the Power of Love on Good Friday for the breakdown. But first, Read Genesis chapter one to see if you can find an egg.

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